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Door Selector

This tool helps you choose the appropriate doors for your projects. Start by clicking the building type and opening to see the most commonly specified door designs and performance levels based on your criteria.

Step 1: Building type


Step 2: Opening


Step 3: Upgrades (where applicable)


Step 4: Frame construction


Not sure? Learn about KD vs. Welded Frames

Step 5: Material type


Step 6: Performance level


The physical performance of doors and frames is specified as level 1–4. The higher the level, the thicker the gauge of steel. See ANSI/SDI A250.8 for more information.

Step 7: Door style


Step 8: Door design


Your Results

Example of Selection

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Frame construction:
Material type:
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Door Style:

You may choose to include “Provide steel doors and frames from an SDI Certified manufacturer.” in the Manufacturers section of your specification to ensure they meet SDI’s quality standards. More Information

The Steel Door Institute does not sell doors or frames. Please contact a manufacturer or distributor for product inquiries.