Distributor Resources

The resources on this page help with the proper specification of standard and custom steel doors and frames. These should be considered as guidelines; always refer to your local or state code requirements.

60 Minute Training Guides

Steel Doors and Frames 101

Covers the essentials. Learn about the anatomy of an opening, elevations, anchoring, fire ratings, and more.

Fire Rated Doors and Frames

A primer on fire rated assemblies. This guide also covers relevant codes and design considerations.

Forced Entry Resistant

Doors are often a building’s first line of defense. Learn about the available options to keep the bad guys out.

Specialty Doors

Learn about STC, wood grain finish, blast resistance, tornado resistance, and more.


Reference Materials

The Risks of Grouting Frames

Grouting is the most searched topic on this website.  This page provides our opinon on grouting frames.

A Quick Guide to Codes

A table with the codes pertinent to steel doors and frames that are widely used throughout the US.

Damaged Doors: Repair or Replace?

Guidelines to help you determine if a damaged steel door should be repaired or replaced.

Introduction to Steel Doors & Frames Packet

Use as a quick reference or to help a newer employee learn the fundamentals.