Steel Door Specification Resources

The resources on this page help with your standard and custom steel door specifications. These should be considered as guidelines. Always refer to your local or state code requirements.

Sample Healthcare Spec

This is an example of a section 081113 Hollow Metal Doors and Frames specification for a healthcare facility, which includes standard doors and framesfire rated assembliessidelights, and more.


Download free door and frame drawings and models. They are available in all of the file types you need, including PDF, AutoCAD, Revit, and SketchUp. You can also download groups such as single steel doors or drywall.

SDI Certified

The Steel Door Institute has a popular industry certification called SDI Certified. Design professionals can specify SDI Certified and know the manufacturer of their doors and frames meets the highest industry standards.

Door Selector

This tool helps you choose the appropriate doors for your projects. Just select the building type and opening location to see the most common door specifications based on your criteria and download a drawing.

Knock Down vs. Welded Frames

Design professionals often have to decide which type of frame is best-suited for their project. Learn about the most popular types of KD and welded frame constructions, along with the pros and cons of each.

Sample K-12 Specification

This is an example of a section 081113 Hollow Metal Doors and Frames specification for a K-12 project that includes standard and custom doors and frames, acoustical assemblies, and thermal break frames.

Specifying Blast Resistant Assemblies

Learn about specifying steel doors and frames for blast resistance. This standard covers the terminology, levels of protection, and how to request a quote.

Specifying Bullet Resistant Assemblies

This spec covers where bullet resistant doors are often located, the standards and performance levels to specify to, and the design options available.

Specifying Acoustic Assemblies

Learn about acoustic door assemblies along with which STC ratings are commonly specified. Additional information is found in SDI 128Guidelines for Acoustical Performance of Standard Steel Doors and Frames.

The Risks of Grouting Frames

When should frames be grouted? Ask three people and you’ll probably get three different answers. This article shares SDI’s stance on grouting frames and why.

Specifying Tornado Assemblies

Learn about tornado-resistant door openings, their corresponding FEMA and ICC standards, and the guidelines for specifying windstorm products.

Specifying Hurricane Assemblies

Hurricanes often occur in North America near the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico. Learn about the design pressures and testing standards for specifying hurricane-resistant assemblies.

AIA Course: Specifying Specialty Doors

Learn about the most popular specialty doors today, including blast & bullet resistant, acoustic, forced entry, tornado resistant and more.

Forced Entry Resistant Doors & Frames

Virtually every type of building requires protection against forced entry. Learn how to determine the degree of protection that is appropriate and which products are suitable.