Educational Webinars

These webinars are presented by Intertek. As a testing agency, their educational materials offer detailed insight into the testing and certification of doors and frames.

Fire Doors 101: Your Guide to Testing, Certification & Beyond

Covers the testing and certification of fire doors, from the initiation process through labeling and installation.

Fire Doors: The Importance of Field Inspection and Labeling

Learn about fire door standards and testing, NFPA 80 requirements, and more.

ASTM F3561: Forced Entry Resistance of Fenestration Systems

Covers the test methods & learnings regarding forced-entry protection on various building products after sustaining an active shooter attack.

Window & Doors 101: Testing Systems

Reviews the basic characteristics of windows and door systems and the testing they have to go through in order to be used in buildings.

Hurricane: Standards, Testing & Product Approvals

Describes hurricane testing requirements for building construction products for Miami-Dade (NOA), Florida (FL), and Texas (TDI).

ICC 500: Storm Shelters & Shelter Components

Covers hurricane and tornado storm shelter design requirements and testing, as well as the shelter certification processes.

Florida Product Approvals: Everything You Need To Know

Explores the different paths to obtain a Florida Product Approval and provides examples of each that Intertek can provide.

School Security: Window & Door Systems

Focused on school security, threat resistance for ballistics & forced entry, and how to test your building products to ensure safety.

The Acoustic Series: A Focus on Fenestration

Explains the test methods, ratings, and codes for acoustical fenestration components such as doors and windows.

Tornado Testing & Certification Requirements

Describes tornado testing requirements which ensure building construction products meet the desired level of performance.