Full Profile Weld vs Face Welded Frames

Some specifications only state “welded frames” and not whether they want face welds or full profile welds. In instances like this where full profile welds are not requested, specifiers can expect to receive face welded frames. 

Face welded frames are the default because fully welded frames would unnecessarily increase cost and lead time. Fully welded frames may be preferred for some specialty applications and you should consult with the manufacturer.

Note:  Full profile welded frames are also referred to as “fully welded” or “continuously welded”.

Face Welded Frames

Face welded frames are specified as an aesthetic enhancement to eliminate the seams on the face of a frame. It is when the miter joint between the head and jamb face is welded on the exterior of the frame face. The weld will be ground, finished smooth, and prime painted so the seam does not show. The remaining elements of the frame profile such as the soffit, stops, and rabbets are not welded.

The water infiltration properties of a face welded frame can be improved by the application of caulking or sealant to the inside of corner joints and outside of intersections prior to installation by the appropriate jobsite personnel. Specifying face welded also provides more assurance of an accurate door opening width.

Face Weld

Face Weld

Full Profile Welded Frames

The faces and returns of full profile welds may be welded internally or externally.  All other frame elements are welded internally.

Full profile welds are not watertight but can further reduce water infiltration.

Full Profile Weld

Full Profile Weld