SDI Now Offers Free Drawings in Revit and AutoCAD Families

Architect project managers seem to be on a lifelong quest for quality Revit and AutoCAD families.

SDI has been providing free CAD drawings of door and frame details since last December. After a few caffeine-fueled drafting sessions, we are pleased to announce that our Drawings page is now chock-full of useful Revit families too.

We surveyed 140 of you last year to learn how you like your drawings. These files are just as you requested: manufacturer neutral and downloadable individually or in groups. Come and get ‘em!

SDI Publishes Guide on Blast Resistant Door Specification

Blast resistant assemblies are one of the fastest growing specialty products in the door industry. They can save lives anywhere that is at risk of explosions, such as government and military buildings or facilities with chemicals.

Have you seen a blast door in action? It’s incredible. Here is an 18 second video showing how a standard door and a blast door hold up in the event of an explosion.

It requires some understanding to choose the correct blast door for an opening. SDI has just developed a new technical document on blast openings that covers the applicable specification criteria (SDI 133 – Blast Information).

For product-specific information, it’s best to contact the manufacturers directly. This page lists the blast door manufacturers that have been verified to meet SDI standards.

First Product Category Rules Developed for Steel Doors and Frames

The Steel Door Institute worked with Underwriters Laboratories Environment (ULE) in the development of the first Product Category Rules (PCR) for steel doors and frames. The PCR enables a manufacturer to conduct a Life Cycle Assessment and develop an Environmental Product Declaration to comply with the requirements found in LEED v4.