Two Hour Fire Doors

Design professionals occasionally request two hour fire-rated doors. This often leaves distributors and manufacturers scratching their heads because there aren’t any US code requirements for a two hour door. We believe these requests may be due to a misunderstanding of the International Building Code® (IBC).

The IBC requires a higher fire rating for walls than for doors on the premise that combustible materials will be stored immediately adjacent to walls but not against operable doors. Doors located in stairwells or other enclosures of vertical passage through a building generally require 1 ½ hour door assemblies and 2 hour walls. This can be verified by referencing 2015 IBC® Table 716.5 or SDI-118 Table 1 (below).

Specifying a 1 ½ hour door rather than a 2 hour door is the way to go because it is an infinitely more common product.

SDI Publishes Two New Videos

Visit SDI’s Videos page for educational videos for architects and contractors on fire rated doors, installing steel frames the right way, fixing doors that won’t close due to hinge bind, and more. The two videos below are the most recent additions.

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