How to Measure for Replacement Doors

yellow and black tape measureNeed to order a replacement door? You’ll have to take the correct measurements of the existing frame and the door you are replacing to ensure the new door fits and operates as it should. It’s also a good idea to replace any worn out hardware while you’re at it.

Our How to Measure for Replacement Doors page can guide you through it. The information is available as a video, a form, and soon as a new standard called SDI 135.

Once you’ve recorded the dimensions, contact an SDI Certified manufacturer or your local distributor to place your order.

logo for premier steel doors and frames

We’re pleased to announce that Premier is the latest manufacturer to become an SDI member. They underwent an extensive auditing process that included an on-site visit to demonstrate their compliance with our standards.

Premier joins 11 other SDI members, whose products are sold by door and frame distributors in all 50 states.

Helping You Select the Right Door

image of four doors indicating the door selector tool

One of the most referenced items by architects on our website is the Door Selector. Just answer a few questions and it will guide you through the commonly specified door and frame constructions for that type of opening.

We’ve recently enhanced the Door Selector in a number of ways. A Revit model is now provided of the door design you select. The Door Selector now also includes frame construction, material type, and specialty products such as sound resistant doors and thermally broken frames.

View Door Selector


A Tip on Cast-in-Place Concrete Walls

When building with cast-in-place concrete walls, it’s important that the frames are installed after the concrete has cured. We’ve heard of some instances where contractors try to save time by setting the frame and then pouring the concrete wall.

As you can imagine, when the concrete cures it shrinks and can shift the frame. The result is that you end up with frames that are out of square, and the only remedy for that is to have them removed and reinstalled.

We thought we’d share this with you because this is one of those shortcuts that just isn’t worth it. Contractors should always allow the concrete walls to cure before installing the frames.