More Drawings and Models for Architects

The SDI Drawings page has more than 80 drawings in CAD, Revit, PDF, and SketchUp for you to use free of charge. All of the drawings are manufacturer-neutral and were meticulously drafted by door and frame engineers.

We’ve recently added 20 new drawings that include details from NFPA 80 and models for embossed, communicating, and Dutch doors. There is also a link to download a .zip file with all of the drawings for future use.

You Probably Don’t Need Fully Welded Doors

Sometimes architects request fully welded doors to go along with their fully welded frames (also called “continuously welded”). The fact is, a fully welded door would actually be overkill in just about every situation.

Whether the intent is for aesthetics or strength, a seamless door is the way to go. Manufacturers achieve the seamless appearance by spot welding, filling the seams with body filler, and then grinding it smooth. And as long as the door meets the specified performance level, then the type of welding is irrelevant anyway.

Looking for a sturdy door without exposed edges? Specify a seamless door and the desired performance level from ANSI/SDI A250.8.

Level 1 Standard-duty
Level 2 Heavy-duty
Level 3 Extra Heavy-duty
Level 4 Maximum-duty


Fire Rated Ballistic Doors

Views of bullet resistant doors on the SDI website have increased 10-fold over the last six years (20 per month in 2012; now 200 per month). One challenge architects are facing is that many bullet-resistant door manufacturers’ proprietary cores cannot be fire rated.

We’ve done some asking around, and if you need a fire rated ballistic door, the only SDI Certified manufacturers of that product are Ceco DoorCurriesDeansteel, and Republic.

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