Keeping the Bad Guys Out

forced entry resistant doorDo you ever watch horror movies and think that none of this would happen if they had steel doors? We do too!

Hannibal Lecter wouldn’t stand a chance against a forced entry resistant opening. After all, they can withstand pry bars, hammers, and even battering rams – all while looking like regular doors.

Forced entry resistant doors are one of the most viewed products on our website, especially in the last couple years. While the Steel Door Institute doesn’t sell products, we can point you toward more information and the 12 SDI Certified manufacturers that do.

Note: Sometimes people incorrectly refer to “forced entry doors” as “security doors”. Forced entry doors keep people out and are found in just about every building type; security doors are often for containment (e.g. police stations, holding cells, mental health facilities).

An Easy Way to Select the Right Door

You’re building a school and trying to figure out what kind of door to put in the cafeteria. Should it be hollow metal? Stainless steel? Something else? What size light should it have?

You can either ask a colleague and hope they know, or perhaps just copy what you did last time and call it a day.

Wouldn’t it be great to easily see the steel doors that most architects specify for that opening?

You can do just that with our free Door Selector Tool. Just enter the building type and opening, such as a school cafeteria, and it will show you the most common frame constructions, gauges, and designs for that opening. The output is manufacturer-neutral, and even includes a BIM model of your selection for you to use as-is or modify.

View and bookmark the Door Selector >>


An Introduction to Steel Doors and Frames

We’ve created a free packet that covers the basics of steel doors and frames.

Having all of this information in one printable PDF should come in handy whether you just need a quick reference, or perhaps have a newer employee who needs to learn the fundamentals. There are even a few short quizzes so you can make sure they actually read it!