Drawings & Models for Architects

The SDI Drawings page has more than 80 drawings in CAD, Revit, PDF, and SketchUp for you to use free of charge. All of the drawings are manufacturer-neutral and were meticulously drafted by door and frame engineers.

We are always adding new drawings and there is also a link to download a .zip file with all of the drawings for future use.

Choose Quality – Specify SDI Certified

SDI Certified steel door and frame manufacturers produce standard, custom, and specialty products distributed in all 50 states and around the world. To earn this certification, manufacturers are regularly audited to ensure they meet our rigorous manufacturing, performance, and quality standards.

A Cut Above the Rest

The SDI Certification assures architects and design professionals that the manufacturer of their doors and frames meet the highest standards available in the industry

Many Claim to Meet Our Standards

This select list of respected manufacturers have proven it and are proud to be listed as SDI Certified. They only produce high-quality standard, custom, and specialty products in strict adherence to ANSI standards.

Fire-Rated Doors & Frames

Fire-rated door assemblies inhibit the spread of smoke and flames during a fire. They help prevent catastrophes by compartmentalizing the fire from the rest of the building.

Fire-rated doors work as an assembly of the door frame and hardware. They must be closed and latched to provide fire protection and never blocked or propped open. Fire ratings range from 20 minutes up to 3 hours, which represent the duration of fire protection. Only steel doors and frames have earned a 3-hour rating.