Steel Doors & Frames 101

Continuing Education Course

The Steel Doors & Frames 101 course provides a wealth of general information about steel doors such as nomenclature, fire ratings, door cores, and frame types. In addition to the basics of fire rated openings, it shows how to avoid negating a rating. Also included are details on performance levels of steel doors, how to avoid over or under specifying, the importance of hinge and strike locations, and specialty door products.


Steel Doors & Frames 101 course offers comprehensive insights into steel doors, covering topics like frame types, anchoring, and physical performance of doors in relation to fires, windstorms, blasts, bullets, and acoustics.


Steel Doors and Frames 101 is a free, online course that is available 24 x 7 and provides 1 AIA HSW CE hour. It is perfect for newer architects or those who want to learn more about steel doors.