Standard Update – SDI 129 Hinge and Strike Locations Made Easy

It often seems that there are as many hinge and strike locations for doors as there are doors themselves. Projects have a variety of doors and frames, often supplied by multiple manufacturers. It can be a daunting task to match the hinge and strike locations for the various doors and frames.

SDI 129 (Hinge and Strike Spacing) provides measurements such as opening height, strike location, and hinge spacing for each manufacturer’s products. It also includes diagrams that clearly show the location for each measurement.

The standard was revised in 2023, after a detailed review and revision by the SDI Technical Committee. The previous version of the standard was organized with a separate page for each measurement, such as 3-1/2” hinges for 1-3/8” thick doors. It then listed the manufacturers with products that match those dimensions. The updated version has each section dedicated to one manufacturer, with the hinge and strike locations for the products that they offer. The new format allows professionals in the field to quickly reference their manufacturer’s measurements.

A new section was added to SDI 129 that provides measurements for doors manufactured by companies that are no longer in business. This simplifies the process of finding a replacement from an SDI manufacturer with a matching product.

The new version of SDI 129 represents many updates and improvements, however it is intended for reference only. Manufacturers should be contacted for specific measurements.