Fire-Rated Doors

Fire & Smoke Related Applications

Fire-rated doors and frames play a vital role in keeping people safe and minimizing property damage during a fire. In fact, there has never been a loss of life due to a properly installed and maintained fire door.

Many components of a door assembly can be rated to withstand fire for a specified period of time; however, hollow metal is the only door material widely available with a 3 hour label.

Fire Door Codes & Standards


Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives

NFPA 80 is the standard used by designers and contractors for “Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives” published by the National Fire Protections Association. The standards found in NFPA 80 address testing, installing, modifying and repairing opening protectives. 


There’s a lot to learn when it comes to fire-rated products. SDI has developed a variety of resources for architects, specifiers and distributors. The “Fire-Rated Assemblies” presentation is a good place to start for a broad primer.


Fire Door Inspections & Checklist

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FAQ on Fire Rating-Requirements & Fire Labels

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Fire-Rated Assemblies

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SDI 118

Basic Fire Door, Fire Door Frame, Transom/Sidelight Frame, and Window Frame Requirements

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Manufacturing & Testing Fire-Rated Doors

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Fire Doors 101: Your Guide to Testing and Certification

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The door and frame manufacturers below are SDI Certified and have a variety of fire-rated doors.

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