ASTM E119:
Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests
of Building Construction & Materials

The International Building Code® (IBC) requires any frame fire rated for one hour and greater and incorporating glazing to be tested and certified as a fire-resistive assembly. This requirement was first included in the 2009 Edition of the IBC and has been clarified in subsequent editions with the use of detailed tables and charts. Check out this article to learn more about fire resistive versus fire protective products in door frames and assemblies.

Sound Resistant Acoustic Doors Video

In the age of open floor plans and chiming cell phones, silence is golden. That may explain the growing demand by architects and building owners for sound resistant doors.

Places like music rooms, schools, and hotels can all benefit from reduced sound transfer; however, there’s no need to overspecify. A little sound resistance – say, STC 42 – can go a long way.

Choose Quality – Specify SDI Certified

SDI Certified steel door and frame manufacturers produce standard, custom, and specialty products distributed in all 50 states and around the world. This certification assures architects and design professionals that the manufacturer of their doors and frames meet the highest standards available in the industry.

These select manufacturers have proven it and are proud to be listed as SDI Certified. They only produce high-quality standard, custom, and specialty products in strict adherence to ANSI standards.

As of January 2022, we would also like to welcome DE LA FONTAINE Industries to this list of respected manufacturers who are SDI Members.