Custom Steel Doors

Architects are increasingly choosing to customize steel doors. Whether it’s for function like a specific width, height or thickness, or as a unique design element to compliment a certain style. The benefit of specifying custom doors is the ability to opt for features such as acoustical ratings or choose them for safety reasons like bullet resistant and forced entry doors.

For more ideas, here are some custom steel door projects completed by SDI Certified manufacturers.

Fire Door Inspection Checklist

Fire doors and assemblies are a critical part of a building’s passive fire protection system. The International Building Code (IBC) is the most widely-used building code in the U.S., and references NFPA 80 for the installation of fire door assemblies.

The basic criteria for fire door inspections include:

  1. Labels are present & legible
  2. No holes or breaks in the door or frame
  3. Glazing & glass kit/glass beads are intact and secure
  4. Door, frame, and hardware are in proper working order
  5. No missing or broken parts
  6. Door clearances are within allowable limits
  7. Door closer/spring hinges are operational & door is self-closing
  8. Door leaves close in proper sequence
  9. Door is self-latching when closed
  10. Opening doesn’t have extra hardware interfering with operation
  11. No field modifications have been performed to void the label
  12. Gasketing and edge seals are present and of the proper type
  13. Signage covers less than 5% of the door & is not attached improperly